Our Mission

Trans-Jordan Cities was created to develop, implement and manage the disposal of solid waste in an economical and environmentally sound manner using modern land filling technology. Member Cities individually encourage and manage alternatives to disposal, which include; waste reduction and recycling. The cities’ are committed to pursue these alternatives resulting in both extending the life of the landfill and improving the cleanliness and quality of the environment.

Our History

Trans-Jordan Landfill was first used in 1958 by residents of Sandy and West Jordan, based on a handshake between the cities and Kennecott Copper, the owner of the land. Midvale joined the group in the early 1960’s and it was named Tri-Cities Landfill. Later Murray City joined and the member cities officially created Trans-Jordan Cities with an Inter-local Cooperation Agreement on May 22, 1968 with four acres of owned land. On December 14, 1993, Trans-Jordan acquired approximately 189 acres from Kennecott. South Jordan City joined the group effective September 1, 1996 followed by both Draper City and Riverton City on July 1, 1997.

Trans-Jordan is committed to servicing the residents of its member cities in an effective and environmentally conscience manner. Efforts include:

  • RCRA Subtitled D Lined disposal cells
  • On-site residential transfer station (Public Convenience Center)
  • Household Hazardous Waste drop off facility in partnership with SLCoHD
  • Methane recovery project in partnership with Granger Energy

Energy Project

Trans-Jordan in cooperation with Granger Energy and Murray City now produces electricity for over 3,000 homes.  This project is a benefit to all residents of Salt Lake County, as using the LFG (Landfill Gas) for electricity reduces the need for fossil fueled power plants, creates energy without the need for imported oil and reduces green house gases.