$39.00* Per Ton

$39.00* minimum charge for large commercial trucks

$10.00* minimum charge for regular trucks and trailers

Trans-Jordan charges based on weight. Items such as dirt, concrete, and certain construction material can be disposed of at other locations for a lesser fee.

*ALL loads must be fully tarped and secured or a double fee will apply (per South Jordan Conditional Use Permit)


Mattresses &
Box Springs

  • First 3 pieces included in the minimum fee
  • $15.00 for each piece (over 3 in a load)
  • Mattresses and box springs are counted individually (i.e. a regular bed set with a box spring and a mattress would be 2 total pieces)

Tire Disposal

  • Limit 4 tires per day
  • $4.00 per tire off the rim
  • $5.00 per tire on the rim
  • Large / Commercial tires are not accepted
  • Tires not accepted from business or commercial accounts
  • No waste accepted in the tire bin, including plastic covers

Freon Removal

Residential Refrigerators / Fridges and Freezers are accepted with the following fees and conditions:

  • Food must be removed by customer
  • $20.00 per unit
  • $30.00 per unit if disposed in waste cell (i.e. if food removal is needed)
  • Commercial units and business drop off not allowed

Commerical units includes any item that requires a professional to install, such as central air conditioning units (including those at residential homes), large commercial fridge or freezers, etc.

Household Hazardous
Waste (HHW)

  • Free for residents
  • Examples:
    • Oil
    • Paint
    • Fuels
    • Yard Care Chemicals
    • Florescent Lights (limit 15)
    • Rechargeable Batteries (Alkaline batteries can go in your trash can)
  • Business drop off by appointment only and charge per SLCoHD fee schedule.


  • Free for residents on material that is recycled at no cost to Trans-Jordan
  • To qualify for free disposal, recycled materials must:
    • Be sorted into appropriate bins by customers
    • Be clean
    • Cardboard broken down and placed into appropriate bin
  • Commercial recyclable loads will be charged $10 per load

Electronic Waste

  • E-Waste recycling has been suspended due complications with hauling and labor shortages
  • Until further notice, all E-Waste will be taken as trash and charged accordingly.


ALL Loads must be FULLY TARPED and SECURED per Utah State Code and Trans-Jordan’s Conditional Use Permit from South Jordan.

  • Uncovered loads (not fully tarped and fully secured) will be charged a PENALTY fee (equal to the standard rate).
  • This fee also applies to loads of fully recyclable materials.

Tips For Covering Your Load

  • Use a tarp big enough to completely cover your trailer or truck bed
  • Tightly secure the tarp with ropes, bungee cords, netting or straps
  • Use tie-downs
  • When transporting large items, make sure they are tied down and secured to the truck or trailer so they don’t move
  • A tarp is not required if the debris is completely enclosed by a load-carrying compartment
  • Don’t overload — keep material level with the truck bed or trailer


  • Asbestos
  • Dead Animals
  • Liquid Loads
  • Septic Loads
  • Unopened drums (All drums must have the top completely removed and contents removed for possible acceptance)
  • Firearms or Explosives
  • Any item, or part of an item, that has been registered. Examples:
    • Vehicles, Trailers, Camp Trailers, Motorcycles, ATVs, Boats, etc. These items must be taken to a Licensed Dismantler for disposal.
    • These items must be taken to a Licensed Dismantler for disposal. You can find a list of dismantlers at find the Enforcement (MVED) section, Search for Business License link and Filter for Dismantlers under Type of Business.


To keep you safe while you visit our facility:

  • Children need to stay in vehicles
  • No firearms are allowed
  • No scavenging / salvaging is allowed

In addition, visitors / customers to the landfill need to understand the nature of the facility and understand that Trans-Jordan is not responsible for damage to property or personal injury while on our property.

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