Recycling At Home

Items Accepted in

Residential Curbside Bin

Check with your local city guidelines for a complete list

Plastic Containers with Necks

Steel and Aluminum Food Containers




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Did you know?

In Salt Lake County, we use a process called “single-stream” recycling, where residents can put all their approved recyclables into one bin. These materials are collected and taken to a materials recovery facility (MRF) where they are sorted, baled, and sold to manufacturers, who turn them into new products.

Items NOT accepted in curbside recycling

  • Plastic Bags

  • Napkins/Tissues
  • Plastic Film/Food Wrappers
  • Glass
  • Hose, Wire, Cords or Rope
  • Yard or Food Waste
  • Electronics
  • Clothing or Shoes
  • Packing/Peanut Styrofoam

  • Propane Tanks/Batteries
  • Needles/Biohazardous Waste

Do NOT enclose recyclables in plastic bags or kitchen bin liners (i.e. do not “bag your recyclables.”) This will prevent your items from being recycled.

Glass Drop Off Bin Locations