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Important Information To Read 

Before Visiting Trans-Jordan Landfill

We are out of Premium Woodchips, as of October 10, 2020.

NO Cash (including checks) is accepted at this time. Must pay with Credit / Debit Card or on an existing account.
Please visit our RATES page for current rates effective July 1, 2020
ALL loads for disposal must be fully tarped and secured or a double fee will apply.  This applies to ALL  loads (including items such as concrete, dirt, white goods, etc.).  Rule Per South Jordan City Operating Permit.
Due to extra precautions being taken to protect the public and our staff during COVID-19 we are experiencing longer wait times.  Be prepared for wait times up to  30 minutes.  Best times to visit are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.  Lunch time hours are usually busy.
For information on items we do not accept  or other common disposal questions, read through our Information & FAQ page.

Mon-Sat: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: Closed


As of May 19, 2020 all Electronic Waste will be taken as trash and charged accordingly.

Must pay by Credit / Debit Card or a Pre-Paid Commercial Account

Compost and Regular Woodchips are  available.  Premium Woodchips are not available as of October 10, 2020

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Welcome to Trans-Jordan Landfill

Trans-Jordan Cities operates an environmentally responsible landfill at 
the south end of the Salt Lake Valley.  Our services include waste disposal, 
separate green waste disposal, sale of woodchips and certified compost, free recycling dropoff, and free household hazardous waste acceptance.


New rules and procedures have been put in place to add protections for the public and our staff.  During this time please be prepared for longer lines and wait times if you plan on visiting our facility at this time.

The following will be strictly enforced until further notice:

  • NO CASH will be accepted.  Credit / Debit Card payments are accepted for all customers without a pre-paid commercial account
  • Flow control will be maintained, which will result in longer wait times
  • Employees will be following social / physical distancing guidelines and limiting conversations with customers.
  • Social / physical distancing applies to ALL locations at the landfill 


Rates Effective July 1, 2020

Municipal Solid Waste Gate Rate $33.00 per ton

$33.00 minimum charge for large commercial trucks

$10.00 minimum charge for regular trucks and trailers

Disposal of Regular Green Waste $17.00 per ton

$17.00 minimum charge for large commercial trucks

$8.00 minimum charge for regular trucks and trailers

Disposal of Oversized Green Waste Material $34.00 per ton

Other special handling fees such as Tires, Freon, Mattresses, etc. visit our RATES page for more information.


Visit our RATES page for more information on prices of compost and wood chips.