Trans-Jordan Cities is preparing the way for the future of solid waste disposal for our member cities for years to come. In order to continue disposal services after our landfill is closed, we have been working on a transitioning from our current landfill to two waste transfer stations.

The current landfill has an estimated life expectancy of ten years but the need for waste disposal will continue for decades to come. Preparation for this change started years ago when our Board of Directors made a crucial step toward securing landfill space for the member cities by purchasing the Bayview Landfill with three other partner organizations. This decision secured landfill space for the next 50+ years.


In order to move waste to Bayview Landfill we will be building two waste transfer stations. The first transfer station will be built in Sandy City. Estimated opening date of this facility is Fall 2024.

We are currently designing and engineering a transfer station that will seamlessly fit in the surrounding industrial area off of 8400 South and 700 West. All around the country waste transfer stations are built and operated in populated urban areas virtually unknown to surrounding neighbors. Careful planning and design will produce a facility that will enable the acceptance and transfer of waste with the only evidence of “garbage” being the type of trucks entering the property.

A second transfer station will be built at the current South Jordan location as the landfill nears completion. The South Jordan Transfer Station will also be built with high safety and environmental standards as well as neighborhood friendly.

Once both transfer stations are complete and the current landfill area is closed all trash will be transported to Bayview Landfill.

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