Before You Visit

  1. Make sure you fully tarp & secure your load when you leave your residence / business. Un-tarped / unsecure loads will be charged a penalty fee of double the gate rate.
  2. Enter through the gate and proceed to the scale-house.
  3. The scale-house attendant will ask what type of material you will be disposing of so they can ascertain what area to send you to, what rate you should be charged and will decide if you will need to be weighed out. Please declare if you have any freon units, tires, mattresses or chemicals.
  4. If you will be weighed out, the attendant will hold on to either an ID or a credit card while you dispose of your load.
  5. The scale-house attendant will tell you what area to proceed to for your type of disposal need. If you are purchasing woodchips or compost products the attendant will guide you to where you need to go.
  6. Once you arrive at the disposal or product pick-up area, please have your ticket ready to show the landfill team member and they will give you direction.
  7. For the safety of yourself and others, please follow landfill rules, such as keeping kids and pets in your vehicle at all times.
  8. After you finish dropping off your trash or picking up product, you can either leave through the far right-hand lane (if you paid at the scale-house) or you may stop on the out-bound scale to finish your transaction.

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Did you know?

In Salt Lake County, we use a process called “single-stream” recycling, where residents can put all their approved recyclables into one bin. These materials are collected and taken to a materials recovery facility (MRF) where they are sorted, baled, and sold to manufacturers, who turn them into new products.