Certified Compost

  • $15 per cubic yard up to 4 yards
  • $35 per ton for purchase over 4 yards
  • Screened Woodchips (Coarse or Fine)

  • $10 per cubic yard
  • Premium Woodchips

  • $30 per cubic yard, 4 yard max per customer per day
  • Certified

    Trans-Jordan is proud to introduce certified Compost. Our compost meets and stays in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and permitting and meets the EPA limits for heavy metals and pathogens.

    Our Certified Compost has been sampled and tested in accordance with the US Composting Council.

    Coarse or Fine Woodchips

    Fine and Course Wood Chips are made from shredded wood and trees. They have been ground into two different sizes.


    Premium Wood Chips have gone through the compost process and have a rich brown color. They may be used for soil amendment or as a top dressing.

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