$17.OO* Per Ton

For a load to qualify for “green waste disposal” the entire load must be clean green waste (no contamination) see below for what is not accepted as Green Waste.

$17.00* minimum for large commercial vehicles

$8.00* minimum for all regular trucks and trailers

*ALL Loads must be fully tarped and secured or a double fee will apply (per South Jordan City Conditional Use Permit).


ALL Loads must be FULLY TARPED and SECURED per Utah State Code and Trans-Jordan’s Conditional Use Permit from South Jordan.

  • Uncovered loads (not fully tarped and fully secured) will be charged a PENALTY fee (equal to the standard rate).
  • This fee also applies to loads of fully recyclable materials.

Tips For Covering Your Load

  • Use a tarp big enough to completely cover your trailer or truck bed
  • Tightly secure the tarp with ropes, bungee cords, netting or straps
  • Use tie-downs
  • When transporting large items, make sure they are tied down and secured to the truck or trailer so they don’t move
  • A tarp is not required if the debris is completely enclosed by a load-carrying compartment
  • Don’t overload — keep material level with the truck bed or trailer


All items must be un-bagged, including leaves, to qualify for green waste disposal rates

Items accepted for green waste:

  • Trees, Limbs, Shrubs
  • Pallets (no paint)
  • Grass


The following is NOT accepted as green waste:

  • Trash of any kind
  • Dirt
  • Sod
  • Weeds
  • Sawdust
  • Railroad ties, Telephone Poles
  • Pressure Treated Wood, Laminated Wood, Burned Wood
  • Large stumps (Large stumps is considered special handling and assessed a higher disposal rate)


To keep you safe while you visit our facility:

  • Children need to stay in vehicles
  • No firearms are allowed
  • No scavenging / salvaging is allowed

In addition, visitors / customers to the landfill need to recognize the nature of the facility and understand that Trans-Jordan is not responsibility for damage to property or personal injury while on our property.

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