Municipal Solid Waste Disposal

$30.00 per ton with a $10.00 minimum for all regular trucks and trailers and a $30.00 minimum for all large commercial trucks (10-wheel, Packer, Roll-off, etc.)

$16.00 per ton for Commercial Sawdust with a $16.00 minimum

Green Waste Disposal

Greenwaste consists of yard trimmings and wood products. No railroad ties, telephone poles, painted, stained, or treated wood, plastic laminated wood, dirt or sod.

For a load to qualify as “greenwaste disposal” the entire load must be greenwaste.

  • $12.00 per ton regular greenwaste material
  • $6.00 minimum for all regular trucks and trailers
  • $12.00 minimum for all large commercial trucks (Packer, Roll-off, 10-wheel, etc.)

$6.00 per ton for pre-ground greenwaste material (Subject to space availabiliy) with a $6.00 minimum

FREE Christmas Tree Recycling: from December 26 to January 31, Trans-Jordan will accept individual, residential, natural Christmas trees. All lights and decorations must be removed.

Compost and Woodchip Material

Autumn special: starting Saturday, October 7th, all compost is 50% off. No minimum required. While supplies last.

Screened Woodchips (Coarse and Fine)

Screened wood chips are ground wood, grass, and miscellaneous greenwaste; screened for size. Not composted. 

  • $25.00 per ton / $10.00 minimum ( $10 /yd up to 4 yards)


Compost is material derived from ground wood, grass and miscellaneous greenwastes that are composted for 3+ months then screened for size.

Website updated regularly with product availability – All compost products are available as of December 21st, 2017.

  • Premium Wood Chips – $ 30.00 / yard up to 4 yards
  • All Other Compost – $35.00 per ton / $15.00 minimum ($ 15.00 /yd up to 4 yards)

Special Handling Fees


Trans-Jordan will accept Mattresses from residents – up to 3 units without any additional charges.
(You will have to pay the standard dumping fee)
Any unit above 3 will be charged a fee of $15.00 per unit along with the standard dumping fee.
(A unit is either a mattress or box spring)


· Tires off the rim will be accepted for $2.00 per tire

· Tires on the rim will be accepted for $3.00 per tire


· Residential Freon Disposal will be charged $12.00 per unit (Commercial accounts and municipalities will be charged $20.00 per unit handling fee for units found in a load.)

· Commercial Units (i.e. Freon over 5 lbs) or Business drop off is not allowed

E-SCRAP (E-Waste) –

Electronic waste (e-waste) that is accepted at Trans-Jordan is composed of the electronic devices, individuals (NOT BUSINESS) throw out each year when they become broken or obsolete.

Electronic wastes include:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Scanners
  • Computer Parts
  • Keyboards
  • Cell Phones

Business E-Scrap will be taken based on weight. (CPU or Monitor)
Residential E-Scrap will be taken free of charge.


Other special handling fees will be individually assessed by the Executive Director or Deputy Director or assigned designee.

Examples include: Large irregular bulky items, items requiring immediate burial, meth labs, certificate of disposal items, etc.


All residential fully recyclable loads brought to the landfill for disposal will be accepted free of charge. Fully recyclable load is defined as recyclable material that Trans-Jordan currently recycles without a vendor disposal fee. Greenwaste is excluded from this definition. (Carpet pad, paper, plastics, cardboard, metal, glass, bicycles, etc.)

Commercial fully recyclable loads will be charged a $10.00 fee.

Tarping Policy

ALL loads must be FULLY TARPED AND SECURED per Utah State Code.

Uncovered loads (not fully tarped and fully secured) will be charged a PENALTY fee (equal to the standard rate). This fee also applies to loads of fully recyclable materials.

Hazardous Waste vs. Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

No bio-medical, contaminated material or other hazardous waste will be accepted with the exception of Residential Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and CESQG hazardous waste. Non-commercial HHW will be accepted free of charge from residents.



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Reuse Shed

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