Green Waste Processing


Trans-Jordan is pleased to have a Green Waste recycling program giving customers the opportunity to dispose of yard waste at a reduced price which is then processed and resold as beneficial products.
When green waste is properly separated out we are able to run the material through a large grinder producing woodchips. The woodchips are either sold as different levels or products or further processed into our Certified Compost Product.

Green Waste Pricing

After the green waste material is ground it is then placed into long wind rows to start the composting process. These wind rows are turned and worked for two to three months to turn the ground wood chips into our certified compost product. The compost is then screened for a final time prior to selling product to the public. In addition to our certified compost product, we also sell wood chips (coarse and fine) and premium wood chips.

Operating Hours

Monday – Saturday
7AM – 6PM

Closed on Sunday

Closed on the following holidays
New Years Day
Independence Day

Physical Address

10473 South Bacchus Hwy
South Jordan, UT 84009-6002

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 95610
South Jordan, UT  84095-0610

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